Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dining With Royalty

I took God to lunch today.

I was going to take a book, but realized I haven’t created much space in my life for Him lately. I thought about ordering two entrees, but didn’t want people to stare at the lone person with two platters of food, so settled on a cheeseburger and two waters with straws.

I wanted to close my eyes and savor his presence, but again, didn’t want to be stared at. It was hard to gaze at that glass of water in front of the empty chair and imagine God sitting with me.

At home, I plop down in my quiet place, stillness all around and rest in his arms. Sometimes I feel that loving presence, other times I rely on the truth that I know—that he will never leave me nor forsake me. Feeling his presence is a bonus, but truth trumps feelings.

I learned something today.

I learned how little I know how to be in his presence in the cacophony of life. I learned how I need to train my ears to hear that still small voice when there is chaos reigning all around.

The chaos of kids fighting, laundry piling, chores calling and fatigue stalling me.

I need to be able to still my mind in the middle of a day-after-Christmas-sale or a fourth grade Babe Ruth baseball game.

I need to be able to still my mind when my “to do list” starts hammering away in stressful blows to an already fatigued brain.

Stillness and joy. He calls us to both.

I need to take God to lunch every day.

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