Friday, February 17, 2012

We Are Not Our Own

Our lives are not our own.

We hear that over and over in church settings. It tends to go in my left ear and out my right. But our lives truly aren’t our own. We don’t choose when we’re born and we don’t get to decide the day of our departure (unless we violate the principles of life).

We are in the hands of a creator. The Creator. I was feeling distant from God this morning. I get that way if I get sidetracked and stop tuning into Him. As I was trying to find my way back to that sweet place, I said to Him, “You really do love me even when I stop talking or ignore you.”

He responded, “When you’re not doing?”

His point being: You are viewing my love as dependent on what you do, not who you are: My beloved child.

That caught my attention. I want to walk free from performance with a fierceness you can’t imagine. I crave that freedom. So many Christian terms have become bubble-wrapped in a religious mindset. For me anyway. They trip off our lips so easily they’ve lost their meaning and power.

Mercy. Grace. Redemption. Sanctification.

What do those words truly mean?

When we talk about being wrapped in His arms of love, do we really feel wrapped by Him? Do we steal into a place of freedom and love that His presence is supposed to bring?

I do. But I don’t know if many people follow that invitation. Or if they even know what freedom looks like.

I have met him in the still places of my heart. I’ve heard his laughter, felt His arms around me and looked into His eyes.

And I want more. I want to dive into the deep places of God.

That’s His desire for each one of us.

Want to join me?


  1. Realizing that God loved me even while I hated Him has given me a desire to be available and ready to paraticipate in His will. I know that God chooses to include His children in His plan. Will I be submissive enough to talk to Pharoah? Did I drop the ball on a small request and now am a bench warmer? I'm not basing my value on my ability to perform. But am I close enough to my Heavenly Father that I my actions indeed reflect His will? There is a verse somewhere in the Bible (basic instructions before leaving earth) that says something like He who has started a good work in you will complete it. Trust is manditory in relationship as much as I would try to get around it.

  2. "Our lives are not our own" How true that statement is. Ultimately the choice of what to do with our life is ours to make, but many times I don't think we understand our value. And we base our value only on how we feel about ourselves and not on how we affect others. As a father I came to realize that I had a responsibility to view my life as valuable to my children. I would never take away a child's father from them, but why would I take unnecesary risks with my own life? Because it is my life and no one can tell me what to do with it? The same is true when we realize we are children of the most high God. Would we treat someone else's child poorly? No, we all have great respect for someone else's child. So as children of God we must take our value as His child into consideration when deciding how our life should be managed. "It is fine with me, but we need to ask your Father."